Honest Trailers - Mortal Engines


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  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies   4 months back

    What crazy name would YOU have in the Mortal Engines post-apocalyptic world? Upvote your favorite names!

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    • Ricky Collins
      Ricky Collins  2 weeks back


    • Anthony Flinn
      Anthony Flinn  2 weeks back

      Please do a honest TV trailer for Lost.

    • Jean Roch
      Jean Roch  3 weeks back

      My airship would be the Flying Spaghetti Monster, obviously. I'd call its bomb "meatballs" because my sense of humor would suck just as much as living in a post apocalyptic world 😅

    • Jon Cocks
      Jon Cocks  4 weeks back

      Grumpy dad, for me

    • Dr HonkHonk!
      Dr HonkHonk!  4 weeks back

      Siegfried Mombleschmit..... the III

  • Sharal Bhandari
    Sharal Bhandari  8 hours back

    Okay the worst cgi movie ever

    • Suika Ibuki
      Suika Ibuki  2 days back

      The idea of cities moving on wheels devouring other cities is...too stupid to suspend your disbelief. Newton is rolling in his grave.

      • Veronika Sapphirewolf
        Veronika Sapphirewolf  2 days back

        I read the books before I saw the movie and was severely disappointed by the movie. The books were soo much better! READ THE BOOKS DONT WATCH THE MOVIE!

        • Noumenus
          Noumenus  2 days back

          Wait, his this movie actually comes out? I may be out of the country, but I heard nothing lol.

          • Bogdan Chivoiu
            Bogdan Chivoiu  3 days back

            Isn't Hester Quite Shallow?

            • Van Allen
              Van Allen  4 days back

              Massive Budget...Check
              Quality Actors......Check
              CGI Quality...........Check
              Movie plot...........Wrong
              Screen Writer.......Wrong

              • YoFalc0n :/
                YoFalc0n :/  7 days back

                That star war shit had me 💀😂😂

                • Jojo Beat
                  Jojo Beat  7 days back

                  The thing is the book wasn't bad but the adaption left a lot of stuff out like how valentine talked about panzersdat when it wasn't featured. Also Dr twix (lol) was supposed to make stalkers. Dog died in the book and also the historians. Miss fangs death was more gory and they destroyed air haven instead of it landing and then turnbridge attempting to eat it. So much had changed.

                  • Dr-ax /\
                    Dr-ax /\  1 weeks back

                    This movie existed ? 😂

                    • EvilNecroid
                      EvilNecroid  1 weeks back

                      people falling lol

                      • Bence Tary
                        Bence Tary  1 weeks back

                        3:38 Yes, you will. Once you read the books. Much better.

                        • endersblade
                          endersblade  1 weeks back

                          I tried really, REALLY hard to enjoy this movie. I really WANTED it to do well. So, so disappointed.

                          • Masterzbyg
                            Masterzbyg  2 weeks back

                            I need this on dvd

                            • Joe Pizza
                              Joe Pizza  2 weeks back

                              Hesters whound isnt nearly ugly enough

                              • Charlie Macsween
                                Charlie Macsween  2 weeks back

                                I feel very sorry for people with car sickness

                                • karthik kadadevarmath
                                  karthik kadadevarmath  2 weeks back

                                  Big budget movies will be losing money if they don't put effort in promoting them in India and china. Because I am from India I know how avengers endgame did in India and how it broke records even the bollywood movie records . And I am huge lotr fan and Peter Jackson, therefore to be honest this is the first time I heard about this movie.

                                  • Speedy
                                    Speedy  2 weeks back

                                    Ahhh the problem with dialects:
                                    "You're just a *skivvy* from the lower tiers, if those dim witted *spanner heads* beat you to the bins again You'll be back to cleaning the *bogs* "

                                    Skivvy: someone who does menial work
                                    Spanner heads: idiot, tool etc..
                                    Bogs: bathroom

                                    "what the hell are *southies* ?" " *scavs* "

                                    Southies: southerners
                                    Scavs: Scavengers.

                                    • CanadianTurf Sandwich
                                      CanadianTurf Sandwich  2 weeks back

                                      Its looks to be a good movie, I want to see it !!

                                      • LordKellthe1st
                                        LordKellthe1st  3 weeks back

                                        What a disater of a movie.......

                                        • Trolls The King
                                          Trolls The King  3 weeks back

                                          I actually loved this movie

                                          • Brittny Britanya
                                            Brittny Britanya  3 weeks back

                                            Steam punk Howls Moving Castle

                                            • LoreFreak
                                              LoreFreak  3 weeks back

                                              Their greatest mistake was making Tom and hester heroes. Anna fang is a hero Tom and hester are just dragged along for the ride. In book 2 not heroes, they just have a broken airship and can't leave. In book 3 they didn't mean to get involved, it was a family matter. In book 4 they can finally be called heroes.

                                              • AradanFlame
                                                AradanFlame  3 weeks back

                                                dunno what that smartphone thingy can do, but who cares if u can built lasershooting selflevetating mega cities

                                                • Ben Cleveland
                                                  Ben Cleveland  3 weeks back

                                                  Hey Could you go back to the beginning and do the movie that gave Rotten Tomatoes their name? "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes". It is awful and needs to get reviewed.

                                                  • TheRealBandito
                                                    TheRealBandito  3 weeks back

                                                    "People falling"

                                                    That's what happens when you save books about Taek Won Do but not about parkour.

                                                    • TheRealBandito
                                                      TheRealBandito  3 weeks back

                                                      OMG now that I think about it I did forget everyone's name. Including Esther.

                                                      • Light 1988
                                                        Light 1988  3 weeks back

                                                        I cried when the robot died.. fucking sad. loved the movie.

                                                        • Jean Roch
                                                          Jean Roch  3 weeks back

                                                          So much falling this movie should have been titled *Gravity* and it would have been more deserving of the title than that Sandra Bullock vehicle crashing vehicle.

                                                          • DarkCorvus
                                                            DarkCorvus  3 weeks back

                                                            The books are way better.

                                                            • Patrick Nugee
                                                              Patrick Nugee  3 weeks back

                                                              I loved the mortal engines book and this movie from what i can tell fucking ruined it
                                                              Im still salty about what they did to the original leading girl

                                                              • BlueAmber
                                                                BlueAmber  3 weeks back

                                                                I can't watch these videos at work anymore. Random spurts of laughter coming from my cubicle is gonna get me in trouble

                                                                • Łukasz Madurski
                                                                  Łukasz Madurski  3 weeks back

                                                                  Hahaha, FANTASTIC! All we need to know about this ridiculous movie.

                                                                  • Seva Valiev
                                                                    Seva Valiev  3 weeks back

                                                                    Dude, what the hell? You forgot to mention that the main villain ALSO was starring in The Hobbit.

                                                                    • Jean Roch
                                                                      Jean Roch  3 weeks back

                                                                      Yeah but then again everybody and their mama knows that.

                                                                  • Yandere Hime Misaki Asahina

                                                                    He is correct most movies i watch i always forget the names of the characters

                                                                    • Exo's proud mama bear
                                                                      Exo's proud mama bear  4 weeks back

                                                                      I liked the books but it didn't make sense from the start. Not sure about the movie though.

                                                                      Note: People on the books not attractive at all.

                                                                      • IJ AWD E36
                                                                        IJ AWD E36  4 weeks back

                                                                        Read the books and thoroughly enjoyed them, thought the movie wasn't bad but needed to have been spread out into multiple episodes and loved this "trailer" great work made me LoL for real!

                                                                        • Jon Mann
                                                                          Jon Mann  4 weeks back

                                                                          I didn’t remember Hester’s name either

                                                                          • Violent2aShadow
                                                                            Violent2aShadow  4 weeks back

                                                                            Seems like this movie......lost traction.

                                                                            • Anders
                                                                              Anders  4 weeks back

                                                                              4:49 That's what I was waiting for 😁😀

                                                                              • freshpootube
                                                                                freshpootube  4 weeks back

                                                                                How can they steal so many ideas from other films and then expect to get paid?

                                                                                • Илиан Тодоров

                                                                                  Chrome shelled Regios did it better

                                                                                  • Sephibob Onewingedpants

                                                                                    Why is Hester attractive? In the books she's being described as immensely ugly

                                                                                    • Maggie Hiebert
                                                                                      Maggie Hiebert  4 weeks back

                                                                                      Please say dammit people stop falling

                                                                                      • Call me Veron
                                                                                        Call me Veron  4 weeks back

                                                                                        Didn't they have to move around like that so that they wouldn't become easy targets in case something like MEDUSA happens again?

                                                                                        At least that's what I assume, I haven't read the book yet...

                                                                                        • Darth Parallax
                                                                                          Darth Parallax  4 weeks back

                                                                                          Weapons have GPS. Volcanoes don't =chase= you so running works fine

                                                                                      • tasha nicole
                                                                                        tasha nicole  4 weeks back

                                                                                        I think it would of been really good.... if they actually stayed true to the book 😑

                                                                                        • Cutepool
                                                                                          Cutepool  3 weeks back

                                                                                          @Darth Parallax the book is amazing. easily my favourite series of all time, with the demon cycle the only one coming close

                                                                                        • Darth Parallax
                                                                                          Darth Parallax  4 weeks back

                                                                                          Faithful fan, heretical movies serve one specific good purpose:

                                                                                          I haven't read the books.

                                                                                          But now I WANT to after watching the movie.

                                                                                          I think getting people to go back and read is more important than making a movie for the book lovers.

                                                                                          I say this as a veteran of Harry Potter LotR and Marvel who did read those first.

                                                                                      • Tuna Farrell
                                                                                        Tuna Farrell  4 weeks back

                                                                                        Y'know, I kinda want to watch it now.

                                                                                        • Benjámin Kurilla
                                                                                          Benjámin Kurilla  4 weeks back

                                                                                          Wow, this movie is alredy out?
                                                                                          Now how is it faring on imdb? 6.1 awww.